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Trust your vision. I want your wedding day to be a reflection of you. Even if you don’t have the whole picture yet, we can get you there.

Have a few ideas that you aren’t sure go together? We can help you tie them together.
Want to create a fun experience for your guests? Let’s talk about what fun means to you and see how we can create those experiences.

Soak in a Wedding Day that Looks and Feels Like You

Calm, organized planning that brings your vision to life

We get to know you so we can help you create a wedding that looks and feels like you

Personal Connection

How WE CAn Help

We are just an email away. Unlike some planners that limit communication, our goal is to guide you throughout the planning process

Support Throughout

How We can Help

Weddings can be stressful, especially when
things don’t go according to plan…

Calm Presence

How We can Help

Can I tell you a secret?
Something may go wrong on your day. Problem solving and creative solutions are our secret powers.

Problem Solver Extraordinaire

How We can Help

Most couples and their families haven't planned a wedding before. You can't expect to know how to best do something you've never done.

Not to mention event planning isn’t a linear game, there are ups and downs - not everything will go according to plan. That is why we are here to guide you along the way!

We Want to Help


We know your event backward and forward. It's go time!

We collaborate with your vendors to create a timeline and setup plans to make sure everything runs smoothly on your day. The big day comes, and we are there to orchestrate everything so you can soak it in!



We really get to know you during the design process. What is your style? What are things you love and hate?

We use that to create an overall aesthetic for your event. Then we break down each concept of your wedding and find planning partners that can help bring your vision to life!


We always start by creating a budget according to your needs and our industry knowledge.

Then, we use that to match you with those bigger vendors such as caterers and photographers who meet your style and budget.

Planning &
Vendor Matching


Our Process

"Laura was amazing. I am so grateful for not only the way she handled the logistics, but her calming presence during every step of the wedding process. She made our day so much more enjoyable and took off the burden of coordinating, decorating, and even family management. I so appreciate her warm demeanor and poise during what can be an otherwise stressful experience. Would highly recommend!

- Robin & Chuck

Worried about you, your wedding party, or your family being stressed on your wedding day? We set up just enough meetings to fully take over and help you feel organized and calm before the big day.

We always say “I need to know everything you know (and more) about your wedding so that you don’t have to know it!” So even if you are a self-proclaimed Type-A, we got you covered!

Relax and Be a Guest at Your Wedding


You get engaged and all of a sudden you get bombarded with vendors - the Knot, Facebook, Instagram. It can be overwhelming.

We cut through the noise by helping you confidently pick the best for your budget and style. You can rest assured that your team will work seamlessly together to create the best experience for you and your guests.

The Very Best Team in the Business without the Overwhelm


What if you could feel and see a sliver of what your event would look like before the big day? Our in-depth design process takes your ideas and makes them a cohesive design that runs throughout all the details.

We do mockups of various elements of your design so that you can better visualize it and tweak it to make it even better!

See Your Vision Come to Life Before the Big Day


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Did you ever play red light green light as a kid? Wedding planning can sometimes be like that - 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

Some elements of event planning have a straightforward order of operations whereas others make you back up and skip forward like candy land. That is why we give you an overview planning checklists with next steps for your process.

Confidence that nothing will sneak through the cracks


Here’s the truth: budget calculators that use percentages don’t work. They don’t take into account your local cost factors or your priorities. They can only take you so far.

That is why we work with you to build a customized budget breakdown based on our local industry and your priorities. We help you find areas that can help you save money.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck


We Design the Day AND the Planning Around You

Planning a destination wedding in Colorado with your nearest and dearest? Although small, we want your wedding to feel like a wedding. We have packages to help you stay in budget and focus on the most important parts of you day!

Planning a micro wedding? We love weddings of all shapes and sizes!

Ready to Learn more?

We create a customize package for each of our couples.
Why you may ask?
Each couple is different.
Your event is unique.

We want to get to know your and create a package that meets your needs, not something that is thrown on to a pricing guide.

Our base package starts at $3,000

Customized to Meet Your Needs


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