Guide to Including Kids at Your Wedding

Many couples are opting for nuptials without children (see this post if you are having trouble deciding). However, for people like me who have some besties under the age of 10, that just isn’t an option.

Whatever you decide to do, I recommend having a plan in place for the younger crowd. Otherwise you may have a kid, like one of my cousins, who tried to hot wire a golf cart at my cousins Amy’s wedding reception. There is always a ring leader…

There are many inexpensive ways to help your younger guest feel engaged and part of your wedding day! Here are 7 different ways to engage children at your wedding.


Busy Bags

Busy Bags are just that. Bags of things that can help keep kids preoccupied while they may otherwise be bored or squirmy. Busy bags can be bought on places like Etsy or the internet and Pinterest are full of ideas to help you make your own! Either way this is a great way to keep kids of all ages quiet and busy during your ceremony. Also their parents will thank you. 

Ideas of items to include in busy bags:

  • Books

  • Small cars and figurines

  • Small, handheld games

  • crayons/colored pencils

  • Coloring book – bonus points for making your own!

  • Sensory I spy bags – Example

  • Fidget spinner

  • Lacing activity

  • Legos (include simple pattern cards as a bonus)

  • Popsicle stick puzzle

  • Mini etch a sketch

Bonus! If you have a small number of children, it would be a great item to turn into their favor by personalizing the bag for them!


Disposable cameras

When I think of disposable cameras I think of 2 things: going to camp in the 90’s and going to my cousins’ weddings. They may seem a bit outdated but put that thing in the had of kid and you will see your wedding through a whole new lens, literally. It keeps kids busy during long waiting periods such as cocktail hour.

Kids only table

Kids really like their independence so making a kids only table can help them “get away” from their parents and spend some time socializing and scheming up their next shenanigan. I have some fond memories of coming up with the strangest combinations of soda we could ask the bartender for. Anyone remember Surge? My heart starts racing just thinking about the amount of sugar that contained.

Lawn Games

The kids may not use them correctly but it sure will preoccupy them for quite some time.

Plus the rest of your guests will enjoy them too!

Other ideas for lawn gam

  • Giant Jenga

  • Bags or Corn hole if you are from the Midwest

  • Ladder Ball

  • Spike Ball

  • Giant connect 4 (a personal fav)

  • Bocce Ball

  • volleyball (see bride below)

Photo Booth

Speaking of fun things that are sure to please everyone…a photo booth can provide lots of entertainments for kids and adults alike. Want to see adults turn into kids? Give them a photo booth and a pile full of dress up accessories.

There are a lot of cute photo booths out there (we love this one from MiHi Entertainment). There are ones that are in old cars and VW vans. Some that are as simple as an IPAD with a ring light. Your can rent one or go for the DIY effect. Either way, it is sure to please!


Kids tend to be the first ones to break it down on the dance floor. It is a great way to get kids involved.

At this wedding, the couple bought bubble wrap to cover the dance floor. Turned on a song and the kids went wild! It’s such a fun way to get the kids on the dance floor and who doesn’t love some good bubble wrap popping?

Candy Bar

Who doesn’t love candy? I mean I try to pretend I don’t, but give me chocolate and peanut butter anything and it’s gone! Putting together a variety of candy types with fun take home containers for is a fun way to show the kids that you know what they like.

There are a lot of great throwback candies you could choose from to add a little personal touch!

What are other ways you are welcoming kids at your wedding? I would love to hear more of your ideas below!

  1. Arun says:

    What fun is there in a celebration without kids. Yes, they might be challenging but are too adorable to be left out. I loved the list of options given here, with kids table taking top spots of my priority list. Having a dancefloor all for them would be the perfect fun plan for the kids.

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