What Wedding Songs Do I Need?

Choosing wedding songs can be one of the most fun parts of the planning process.  However, it can quickly get overwhelming when you realize how many songs you have to choose for each special moment.  That’s why we recommend that our couples start this process as early as possible so that you’re not stressing about it in the last few weeks.  Here is a list of all the moments you’ll need to choose music for.

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Songs for the Ceremony

Some of the most special wedding songs you’ll get to choose are for the ceremony.  You’ll usually need to choose two to three processional songs.  You can use one song for the family and wedding party to walk in to or you can choose one song for the family and one song for the wedding party.  You’ll need a song for the bride to walk into and you’ll also need to choose a recessional song.  Most people choose a more upbeat, celebration song to walk out to, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding.

Songs for Special Moments

Since there are a lot of special moments during the reception, there are several songs you’ll need to pick out for those times.  The first will be for introductions into the reception.  You’ll need one song if you and your partner are being introduced and you’ll need more songs if the wedding party is being introduced.  You’ll also want to choose a song to play in the background during the cake cutting.  If you’re doing a bouquet toss and garter toss, you’ll want to choose songs for those moments. 

Songs for Dancing

Of course there are certain dances that will need special songs with the main one being your first dance.  Most couples choose a song that’s special to them to dance to, but you can choose whatever you like!  If you’re doing a father-daughter or mother-son dance, you’ll need songs for those dances as well.  Unfortunately, the night has to end at some point, so you’ll want to choose a last song to enjoy with your guests.  Finally, if you decide to do a private last dance, then you’ll need a song for that moment too.

Wedding Songs You Do and Don’t Want Played

Just like at any party, there are going to be songs that you want to hear!  Make a list of your must-play songs to share with your DJ or band so they know to play those.  It will also give them a better idea of what type of music you like.  Of course, there are also songs you don’t want to hear, so make sure you list those too.  It’s your day, so you get to control the playlist!  

That’s the list of wedding songs that you’ll need to choose for your big day!  Since there are so many song choices to make, we recommend listing out a few picks for each category, then revisiting the list a few weeks later to see how you feel.  We would love to hear what wedding songs you’re most excited to play on your big day – leave us a comment below!

  1. It was interesting to me when you talked about how picking wedding songs can be overwhelming. I would think there is no shame in asking for help when trying to pick the best wedding songs. Working with a band that you want to perform at your wedding could be a good way to pick the best songs.

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