What to Include in Your Wedding Detail Photos

Some of our favorite photos from weddings are the wedding detail photos.  We love seeing all the things that mean the most to our couples in one place.  These shots tell the story of who the couple is and showcase their personalities.   Here are 15 items to pack for your wedding detail photos.

Wedding details shot of light blue shoes, rings in pink ring box, and invitation | McArthur Weddings and Events
Photo Credit: Erin Winter Photography

Attire and Accessories 

  • Dress – Have your dress ready to photograph before you put it on.
  • Jewelry – The rings aren’t the only thing you’re wearing on your wedding day.  This could include cuff links, necklaces, earrings, etc.
  • Perfume – Having a special wedding day perfume is something we recommend because smell is a powerful thing.  Smelling that perfume later on will take you back to your special day.
  • Rings – Think about bringing a ring box to place the rings in for photographs.
  • Veil – Your photographer can use this in various ways in the detail shots.
  • Shoes – If you have a pair of shoes for the ceremony and one for the reception, make sure you bring both.
  • Accessories – Think about what other items you’re wearing – tie, watches, hair clips, etc.


  • Save the Date – The Save the Date often gets forgotten, so we love seeing it with the invitation suite.
  • Full Invitation Suite – For the envelope, you can bring an addressed one that hasn’t been sent or a blank one. 
  • Day of Stationery and Paper Goods – Think menu, programs, cocktail napkins, etc.
  • Vows & Vow Books – If you have written vows or vow books, these are a sweet detail to include.
Modern, colorful wedding invitation suite and stationery | Colorado mountain save the date | custom vow book with groom's red floral shoes, blue floral tie, and cuff links | McArthur Weddings and Events
Photo Credit: Lizzie and Marco (top left), Jess Leigh (top right), Ashlee Crowden Photo

Additional Wedding Details

  • Couples Letters or Gifts – Are you and your fiance exchanging gifts or letters?  
  • Custom Favors – If you’re giving guests custom favors, it’s always nice to have photos of the favors before they’re handed out
  • Wedding Party Gifts – Are you giving your wedding party gifts?
  • Flowers – This could be your bouquet and/or some styling flowers provided by your florist.  You can always ask for single blooms for styling.
  • Bonus – styling accessories!  This could be silk ribbons, vintage stamps, or any other accessories that would go with your details.  These items can add depth, texture, or color to photos when needed.  
Bride's coral, pink and white bouquet with roses and dahlias | Star Wars themed wedding favors with perfume bottle | whiskey bottles and ties for groomsmen gifts | McArthur Weddings and Events
Photo Credit: Jaclyn Dickens Photography (top), Lauren Pippin (bottom left), Lizzie and Marco (bottom right)

We love helping plan all the details for weddings, including wedding detail shots to make sure they reflect you and your partner!  Reach out to us if you’re ready to start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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