Five Reasons to Hire a Full Service Wedding Planner

Hiring a full service wedding planner can be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding.  Planning a wedding can be a stressful process, especially since it’s something you’re most likely doing for the first time.  Having a wedding planner whose sole job is to help you plan your perfect day allows you to enjoy your engagement and not stress about bringing your vision to life!  Here are the top five reasons you should hire a full service wedding planner.   

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1. Hiring a full service wedding planner can save you money

As full service wedding planners, we know what you should prioritize.  We get to know what’s important to you so you know how to allot your budget.  We’ll also recommend places where you can save money.  

2. We know your vendors

Having worked countless weddings, we have built relationships in the industry and have knowledge of vendors who fit in your style and budget. By having these existing relationships, we can make your experience with them even better because we know how they work. We also know the intricate details that make one vendor different from another.  If you’re torn between two vendors, we can help you decide which vendor might be a better fit for you.  

3. Create a cohesive design and experiences for your guests

We are all about the guest experience from the Save the Dates to the send off.  We want you and your guests’ experience to be spectacular.  Together, we’ll decide what your design vision is for the wedding.  As a full service wedding planner, we use an in-depth software to show you your space before we make final design decisions.  That allows you to get a feel for the day and see what your guests’ experience will be like.     

4. Offer creative solutions

If our job titles gave a real description, it may say “creative problem solver”.  There are often logistical issues that come up in the planning process and as a full service wedding planner, we are there alongside you to come up with solutions right then instead of waiting until it may be too late.

5. A full service wedding planner saves you time and stress

Since we are full service wedding planners, we’ve done it before.  While most couples and their families haven’t planned a wedding before, we do this full time and can guide you through the process.  We are working on your behalf to plan and design your dream day so that you are freed up to live your life and enjoy being engaged.  Some weddings can take up to 500 hours to plan.  That’s essentially a second job!  Many people don’t have the time to take on that kind of work, so hiring a full service wedding planner can save you a lot of time and stress.

Hiring a full service wedding planner is a big decision, but hiring someone to design and coordinate your big day can be one of the best decisions you make.  You’re only engaged for a short amount of time, so it’s important that you enjoy that time with your fiance.  If you’re ready to hand off the stress of wedding planning, reach out to us so we can help make your dreams come true!  

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