Include Your Dog in Your Wedding with these Fun Ideas

Including your dog in your wedding is important to you since they’re a big part of your family.  We totally get that (and love it!), so we’ve put together some fun ways to incorporate your pet into both your ceremony and reception.

Bride and groom with three dogs on their wedding day in Colorado
Photo credit: Tyler Freear Photography

Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Ceremony 

One common way to include them is to have your dog be a part of the processional.  Everyone loves seeing a dog walk down the aisle!  Depending on your dog’s personality, making it down the aisle can be a breeze or a bit of a challenge.  We recommend that the person walking with your dog is someone familiar to them so that your dog feels comfortable.  It can also be easy for them to get distracted, so having treats on hand is a great idea to help them make it down the aisle. Another fun way to include your dog is having them run up to you after your first kiss and recessing out with you. It’s a fun and unexpected way to wrap up the ceremony!

Dog with maid of honor bandana | dog walking down the aisle at outdoor wedding in Colorado
Photo credit: Rachel Case Photography

Have a First Look with Your Dog

First looks with your dog are another fun way to include them in your wedding.  Once you’re ready, you can have a first look with your partner, then you can both do a first look with your dog.  It’s a fun way to calm your nerves before the ceremony.  Plus your dog will probably be so excited to see you after some time apart, that it will make for great photos!

First look with dog on wedding day in Colorado forest
Photo credit: Ashlee Crowden Photography

Your Dog can Sign Your Marriage License 

In the state of Colorado, you’re not required to have witnesses sign your marriage license.  What better way to get your dog’s permanent stamp of approval than having them “sign” with their paw?  We’ve found a great tool to use that doesn’t require ink to get on your dog’s paw, so it’s safe for the dog and you don’t have to worry about ink getting on you. 

Feature Your Dog at Your Reception

There are so many fun ways to include your dog at your wedding reception!  One of our favorites is to have artwork created of your dog.  You can use this on your cocktail napkins or have a signature drink named after them and use the artwork on the bar.  We also love having subtle nods to your dog like including them in your cake topper.  Finally, who doesn’t love a good pawty?  Having a first dance with your dog is a cute way to include them in the festivities!

Signature drink named after dog at wedding | Wedding cocktail napkins with dog artwork
Wedding cake topper that says you me and the dogs | Bride having first dance with dog at wedding reception in Colorado
Photo credit: Rachel Case Photography (top left), Tyler Freear Photography (top right and bottom left), Jess Leigh (bottom right)

Things to Consider when Having Your Dog in Your Wedding 

Here are some questions that are important to ask before you include your dog in your wedding:

  • How dog friendly is your venue?
  • Who will be taking care of them?
  • How often do they need to be let out?
  • When will they get fed?
  • What do you need to pack for them?
  • What photos do you want to take with your dog?

Working these things into your timeline will make sure both you and your dog have a great time at your wedding!  If you’re looking for a planner who loves having dogs at weddings, send us a message!

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