RSVP Questions: Things to Ask on a RSVP

Knowing who is attending your wedding is the main goal of wedding RSVPs. However, RSVPs are a great way to gather other essential information to help you make decisions such as how many hotel rooms to reserve and how much transportation to book. In order to gather that information, you’ll need to ask the right questions. Here is a list of RSVP questions to ask to make sure you get all in the info you need! 

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RVSP Questions for Food Choices

Catering and food choices are common RSVP questions to ask. If you’re offering entree options, you’ll want to give guests those choices on the RSVP card. You’ll also want to ask about any allergies or other dietary restrictions so that the caterer can make accommodations. We recommend that you ask guests to share their allergies even if they aren’t severe just to reduce the likelihood of something happening. If you’re offering a kid’s meal, make sure to ask how many kid’s meals the guests will need.

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Accommodations and Transportation Questions 

Some other RSVP questions to ask are related to accommodations and transportation. You can ask guests where they are staying to help you decide how many hotel rooms to reserve in your room block. Knowing that information will also help with transportation logistics as you’ll be able to decide where guests need to be picked up and dropped off at. You’ll also want to ask if guests are planning on using the provided transportation that way you know what type of transportation to book.

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Additional Events Attendance 

Having RSVP questions related to additional events is helpful as well. For example, if you’re inviting guests to a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, brunch, etc., you’ll want to give a separate RSVP option that way you can plan for each event accordingly. This is especially important if you have a lot of guests traveling in from out of town as they may not be able to attend each event.

Wedding invitation with RSVP questions, patterned fabric, and vintage stamps

Fun RSVP Questions

You can also have some fun RSVP questions as well. Questions like “What song is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor?” or “What signature cocktail should we serve?” gives guests a chance to provide some input and feel like they’re part of your big day!

The more information you can get from your guests, the better! Having all that information will make the planning process easier for you and can potentially save you some money. If you’re unsure of some of these details by the time you send out invites, be sure to utilize online platforms as well. You can include the link for your wedding website on your invite so they can answer the questions when they’re available. We love helping with the invitation and RSVP process! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the RSVP process or wedding planning in general, let’s chat so you can enjoy this exciting time stress-free!

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