Wedding Signs Checklist: Signs to Include at Your Wedding

Today we’re sharing a wedding signs checklist to make sure you’ve got all the signs you need for your wedding day. Signage is a great way to elevate and personalize your design. Plus signs help guests have an enjoyable experience by guiding them through the day. We’re actually offering signage now because we think it’s such an essential part of a wedding day! With that being said, let’s get to the wedding signs checklist.

Welcome Sign

Welcome signs set the tone for the day. It’s the first thing guests see, so having a sign greeting them will make them feel welcome. Plus it helps guests confirm they’re in the right place since guests may not have been to a venue before. 

Directional Signage

If your venue is large or if you don’t have an usher, directional signage can be very important. It will help guests figure out where they need to be. The last thing you want is for your guests to get lost and end up missing part of your ceremony. They can also tell guests what time all the events are occurring at.

Cards and Gifts Sign

Although bringing cards and gifts to the actual wedding is starting to taper off, it’s always a good idea to distinguish a place for those items in the event your guests bring them. Having a card box with a lock is always a good idea as well.

Guest quilt sign at wedding | McArthur Weddings and Events
Image via Nicole Denae Photography

Guest Book Sign

Most of the time, the guest book is placed at the entrance of the ceremony or reception, but it can be overlooked. This is especially important if you’re doing a a different style of book such as a Polaroid guest book. Some guests may not know how that process works, so it helps to explain it.

Interactive Element Sign

If you’re having any interactive elements like a photo booth, games, or dance floor props, it’s always helpful to have signage for those items. One thing we always tell our couples is: The more direction you give your guests, the better. Having signs for these items make sure everything goes smoothly.

Table Numbers, Seating Chart, or Place Cards  

No matter what type of seating arrangement you choose, you’ll probably need some type of signage regarding seating. Whether that’s a full seating chart, table numbers, and place cards or reserved signs, having these elements eliminates confusion for your guests.

Bar Sign 

This one’s a little obvious. Having a sign with the list of drink options will make the line at the bar move much quicker. Plus your bartender won’t have to list off options for your guests each time.

So that’s our wedding signs checklist! Wedding signs are such an important part of a day and they often get overlooked or pushed to the last minute. To help you, we’re now offering custom signage to elevate your wedding day. This includes three different acrylic variations of day-of signage such as table numbers, welcome signs, guest book signs, cards and gifts signs, etc. If you’re interested in learning more, you can reach out here.

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